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We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Why children are attending less School?

Heeals , 14th July 2012 
by Gaurav Kashyap

Behaviour of children towards Unhygienic practice, have a significant impact on child’s academic performance. majority of children are not properly taught healthy sanitation& personal hygiene habits , like washing hands with soap regularly ,wash hand before and after eating ,bathing daily.

Unhygienic practice make them sick, due to sickness they skip there classes, which result in poor academic performance and High dropout cases from School.
A good Hygienic behaviour in children help them in improving their academic performance ,availability of good sanitation facilities &improve in personal hygiene make children regular in their classes  and help in reducing the dropout cases.
Full Report: “On Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities 2012”
Sixty percent of people living in india do not have access to Toilets and hence are forced to defecate in the open .
This make India the number One country in the world where open defecation is practiced .                                                                          
Indonesia with 63 million is a far second! Manority of people practicing open defecation lives in rural areas .
More then half of the 2.5 billion people without improved sanitation lives in india or china .
Almost 10 % of all communicable diseases are linked to unsafe water & poor sanitation .
“Around 97% of all Indians do not clean drinking water” .The problem arises due to contamination of Drinking Water by leaked sewage .

Open defecation , Manual scavenging and lack of public toilets in urban slums & rural areas putting stigma on Indian face .
2011 census says , there was only 35% sanitation coverage .
“Sikkim becomes India’s first Nirmal State”
We hope every State would  achieve this status ,there are 2.6 million dry latrines in the country .
British medical journal lancet published research journal which shows that low sanitation & poor hygiene cause malnutrition, because of phenomenon called tropical anteropathy .
When the guts get weekend because of the lack of proper sanitation & hygiene it plays great impact then diarrhoea.