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WASH Workshop In School and Marginalized Communities

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Global Hand Washing Day And WASH In School Workshop

Global Hand Washing Day and WASH Workshop was organized in schools and marginalized communities . And Distributed Soap bars . Soap bars supported By : Soap Box 

"ROSHNI - An End Of The Darkness" - Teaser

We release the teaser of "ROSHNI -An End Of The Darkness " Join Us at : Web : Facebook Page : Twitter :

Fight Against Dengue

Dengue fever , also known as breakbone fever, is a mosquito-borne tropical disease caused by the dengue virus . Symptoms include fever , headache , muscle and joint pains, and a characteristic skin rash that is similar to measles . In a small proportion of cases, the disease develops into the life-threatening dengue hemorrhagic fever, resulting in bleeding , low levels of blood platelets and blood plasma leakage, or into dengue shock syndrome, where dangerously low blood pressure occurs. Dengue has become a global problem since the Second World War and is endemic in more than 110 countries. Apart from eliminating the mosquitoes, work is ongoing on a dengue vaccine . Dengue is transmitted by several species of mosquito within the genus Aedes , principally aegypti. The virus has five different types infection with one type usually gives lifelong immunity to that type, but only short-term immunity to the others. As there is no commercially available vaccine , prevention is sou


Dengue is transmitted by the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito. This dengue mosquito usually attacks during the day. Dengue symptoms appear 4-5 days after being infected. ·          Sudden,  high fever     ·           Severe  headaches ·          Pain behind the  eyes      ·              Severe joint and  muscle pain ·          Fatigue ·          Nausea ·          Vomiting ·              Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed,  bleeding gums , or easy bruising) Dengue fever strikes the patient suddenly and remains for a long time. It is usually accompanied with severe headache and bone pain. Dengue fever can disappear soon but it usually reappears with skin rashes. Dengue is common in India and cases generally peak in October, after the monsoon rains.   The mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus typically live in and around houses, breeding i