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Why do millions of Indians defecate in the open?

It's early morning and local commuters are queuing up for tickets at the Kirti Nagar railway station in the Indian capital, Delhi. Along the tracks, another crowd is gathering - each person on his own, separated by a modest distance. They are among the 48% of Indians who do not have access to proper sanitation. Coming from a slum close-by, they squat among the few trees and bushes along the railway tracks and defecate in the open. To many, this is a daily morning ritual despite the hazards of contracting diseases such as diarrhoea and hepatitis. It can be even more hazardous for women since each time a woman uses the outdoors to relieve herself, she faces a danger of sexual assault. Recently two teenage girls from the state of Uttar Pradesh were gang-raped and found hanging from a tree after they left their village home to go to the toilet. Their house, like hundreds of millions of others in the country, did not have any facilities. 'No privacy' A new World


WASH Exercise #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign #heeals handwash-an art campaign To make Hand wash with soap fun loving and friendly among children. we are continuously  creating and adopting innovative WASH Exercise such as games ,drama ,live shows ,drawing & painting competition etc. We initiated “Drawing Competition” in 10 schools near National Capital Region .Creating awareness regarding hand wash with soap and adopt good hygiene practice. To bring a good behavior change among the children, the theme of the competition is “HAND WASH IS AN ART”. Campaign supported by : Soap Box Picture gallery:

World Environment Day 5th June 2014

Celebrating World Environment Day 5th June 2014 Theme : "Small Island Climate Change" India has one of the longest coastline in the world ,which is adversely affecting by the increasing sea level. One meter rise in the average sea level in India is likely to affect 7 Million people. ‪#‎ worldenvironmentday‬ ‪#‎ 5june2014‬ ‪#‎ raiseyourvoicenotthesealevel‬

One billion people still defecate in public despite health risks: UN

GENEVA: One billion people worldwide still practise "open defecation" and they need to be told that this leads to the spread of fatal diseases, UN experts said on Thursday at the launch of a study on drinking water and sanitation.  "'Excreta', 'faeces', 'poo', I could even say 'shit' maybe, this is the root cause of so many diseases," said Bruce Gordon, acting coordinator for sanitation and health at the World Health Organization.  Societies that practice open defecation - putting them at risk from cholera, diarrhoea, dysentry, hepatitis A and typhoid - tend to have large income disparities and the world's highest numbers of deaths of children under 5 years old.  Attempts to improve sanitation among the poorest have long focused on building latrines, but the United Nations says that money literally went down the toilet. Attitudes, not infrastructure, need to change, it said.  "In all honesty the results have been abysmal