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Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day !

                                         Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day !                                                           28th May                                                               Join Us Our MH Campaign !


CULTURE OF SILENCE “My stomach hurts”! This is a very common sentence said by every other women all over the world while she is on her period. Does this hurting make her unhygienic and impure? Today on Menstrual Hygiene Day, I would like to raise some points where the world is making one of the natural tendency a big TABOO. Is pooping not a natural tendency? You discuss your ‘potty’ easily with your near ones but why can’t a female share that her stomach hurts because she is on her “Periods”. Our elders think that while a girl is on her “periods”, she is impure as she is excreting waste that can make her surrounding unhygienic and make other also infected with that “VIRUS”. You want a Bleeding Girl when you wish to marry her so that she can raise your family, while she is bleeding you treat her like a ghost and disrespect her, is that what humanity stands for? Not only elders but men in our society too make fun of our natural tendency that happens with every girl. If h

HEEALS In News !

HEEALS In News ! On 6th May 2015 HEEALS Water Sanitation Hygiene & Menstrual Hygiene and Sanitation Kit Distribution Campaign Was Highlighted In Danik Bhaskar (Himachal Edition ) National Newspaper. Picture Gallery :

Schools Inspection And Organized Workshop On WaSH & MH

HEEALS Partner Organization SUM1 Inspected in Schools Of Delhi ,Gurgaon And Himachal Pradesh Region . Organized Workshop On WaSH & Menstrual Hygiene And Distributed Sanitation Kit To Girls & Boys . Soap Bars Is Supported By SoapBox