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Why Menstrual Hygiene Management Matters Most !

Toilet For Healthier, Dignified And Free Life

The possibility of access to safe, accessible and clean sanitary facilities reperesent an added value to the dignity of man and, in this particular context, of women. In India, one of the greatest challenges is to provide women the opportunity to use safe and functional toilets to manage their personal hygiene. Many people in India are forced to defecate outdoors which not only corresponds to a lack of privacy but also to a mismanagement of hygiene because there isn’t clean water available to wash your hands and clean the body after defecation. Although the Indian state is engaging through the Swachh Bharat mission undertaken on 2 nd of October, 2014 to ensure that the entire Indian population has the benefit of being able to use safe toilets,still today, access to clean water and sanitation is a great problem.In India, about 522 million people still defecate in the open, increasing the risk of spreading diseases like diarrhoea and other types of viruses, not being able


According to the 4 th  goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is necessary to ensure the whole population the opportunity to attend primary and secondary studies, guaranteeing equal opportunities for both boys and girls to access to quality technical and vocational education.This means that states will have to respond through political interventions to safeguard both quality improvement and above all complete indiscriminate access for every child, through means that address gender inequality, food insecurity and armed conflict. In India, important advances have been made regarding the universalization of primary education, succeeding in obtaining an improvement in enrollment rates and completion by girls in primary and secondary school studies. According to the report of UN system in India, Indian population managed to reach the literacy rate among youth aged 15-24, from 83.2% to 91.4%,between 1990 and 2016. Completion rates in primary school were 89.6% by 2016. What

Democracy Is In Your Hands !

The fact that India is the largest democracy in the world is known worldwide, but these "positive" connotations refer only to the number of inhabitants of the country, nothing else. It is still far from leading international democracies such as Norway, D enmark or Finland, which are more transparent systems that enjoy high levels of quality in education, health or way of transports. The global recognition to these countries would not be understood as decent and integral democratic models to follow without the importance of participatory democracy in their societies. In these systems, democracy means more than depositing the vote every 4 years for the random candidate of the party in office where, in most cases, it promises things to achieve power and then forgets the problems of the people who voted for him. As Nikita Khrushchev said one time: "Politicians always do the same thing: they promise to build a bridge even if there is no river," and that is o

Global Handwashing Day 2018

On Global Hand Washing Day 15th October 2018 ,We Organized Hand Wash Workshop In Village School And Distributed Soap Bars To School And One Hand Wash Poster . Interested Candidate Looking For Internship /Volunteering/Volunteer travel program At HEEALS Please Contact Us At : Please Join Us At Our Facebook Page : Twitter Page : heeals

Internship Completed !!

Interested Candidate Looking For Internship /Volunteering/Volunteer travel program At HEEALS Please Contact Us At : Please Join Us At Our Facebook Page : Twitter Page : heeals

HEEALS Intern Laura Testimonial Video 2018

HEEALS Intern Laura successfully completed her internship and share her experience through her Testimonial Video. Interested Candidate Looking For Internship In NGO Sector Please Contact Us At : Please Join Us At Our Facebook Page : Twitter Page : heeals

Menstrual hygiene management workshop

Menstrual hygiene management workshop was organized in Gurgaon & Uttar Pradesh schools and distributed sanitary pads Click for  Picture gallery link Interested Candidate Looking For Internship /Volunteering/Volunteer travel program At HEEALS Please Contact Us At : Please Join Us At Our Facebook Page : Twitter Page : heeals

People Voices To Save Girl Child & Educate Girl Child In India

Interested Candidate Looking For Internship /Volunteering/Volunteer travel program At HEEALS Please Contact Us At : Please Join Us At Our Facebook Page : Twitter Page : heeals

Hand Wash Soaps for School Children in Villages

Think about washing your hands; think about getting a glass of water, flushing the toilet, wash your hands with hands soaps... These are all things that most of us consider pretty essential to maintaining good personal hygiene to prevent water communicable diseases, right? Now imagine that you were born into different circumstances. This is what life is like for millions of people in India’s most marginalised communities every single day. But with your help, we can change this. In India, diarrhoea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths every 24 hours. At the root of this, more often than not, are unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) practices and facilities. Page link :   Please Like Share Spread and Support The Campaign !


Talking about multicultural education may seem repetitive and redundant if we refer the discourse to a privileged school context, attended by students belonging to wealthy families. The discourse may change if we consider a different type of schools, particularly schools with a huge lack of benefits, facilities and materials. Children  belonging to the poorest quarters or villages often attend this kind of  schools; their chance to learn is limited to school possibilities. Any  other kind of knowledge is not affordable or very difficult to obtain.  Associations like HEEALS, not only give them a general knowledge about basic habits that helps to maintain them healthy, but also give  them the chance to be in contact with interns coming from all over the  world. This contact is the bridge that introduces them to all worlds’ cultures, without travel.  One of the first results of this positive cultural contamination is the increase of curiosity. As everybody knows, childre


In recent years, India's economical growth improved continuously, ameliorating the society livelihood and lifestyle. But, what about the education system? The governmental efforts in order to improve and increase literacy in the last century, since the independence, allowed to the population to engage in schools and universities as never before. But, there is still a gap between the private and the governmental schools. From an administrational point of view, we just can say that an obstacle to a successful management of a governmental school is the paperwork and the bureaucracy that involves all steps of work. One of the main differences between these two kinds of schools is the infrastructure issue. The construction of a public school is often new and well maintained; while for the governmental the situation may be more critical. May happens that in this type of schools there is a lack of electricity, water, sanitation items and facilities. The