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A Report On Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation

Heeals Campaign & Survey Report 2012                                                  Campaign Report                                                             Survey Report  A Report On Safe Drinking Water & Sanitation


Manual Scavenging In India Today India looking a permanent membership of UN, he is already a prominent member of international organisations like SAARC and BRICS. Many big MNC’s had already made their homes in India and many are in the process to do so , India is also achieving great heights in industries and defence sector . By looking at these developments we can say that indeed India is progressing at a very fast pace! But to an extent it is a artificial or illusion. Still India is thousand years behind if we compare it with the developments of western countries , A country which is still in 21st century is bound in the shackles of Caste & Religious atrocities , Honour killing , Manual Scavenging  etc from thousands of years ,then how can we say that this country is developing in a true sense . “We have to end the biggest Dehumanising Activity called Manual Scavenging” The Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrine Prohibition Act in 1993 was in

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day to all of you ,lets take a pledge to eradicate Child labour and Manual scavenging from our society , Say " No to Child Labour and Manual Scavenging "