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Keep Talking for Hygiene!

Keep Talking for Hygiene! by Shweta Birla on 26th February, 2016 at 3:59 PM CEST Source : #water #sanitation #hygiene One of the Millenium Development Goals 2015 is to ensure environmental sustainability which contains one of the target of sanitation facilities. Although we all as a world - are on the way of developing ourselves together, but still there are some sections in various countries which are having unimproved sanitation facilities. It’s not that the situation hasn’t improved... it has over a period of time, but still in 21st century, we are stuck with the idea of getting proper sanitation and to talk openly about sanitation and hygiene esp. for girls is a shhh. Came in touch with an NGO “HEEALS” where got to know more about the sections who need education on even small things which we feel, living in urban area, as most common thing but in actual it’s not a common practice for many like washing hands wit

"Be The Change " A Documentary Film On Wash In School

We Release Our New Documentary Film "Be The Change " Directed By Amy Macarthur . Watch at :