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World Toilet Day Celebrated By HEEALS

19th November World Toilet Day! celebrated in schools.Students actively participated in Drawing and Debate competition Organised by HEEALS.

WORLD TOILET DAY! 19th November 2017.

HEEALS celebrated world toilet day in schools by organising Drawing & Debate Competition and Created awareness through showing stop open defecation videos.

STOP Open Defecation Video By HEEALS

Celebrated World Toilet Day !By Creating awareness in schools ,through showing Short video to stop open defecation By HEEALS

Water of Life: India’s step towards eradicating water-borne diseases

With rapid urbanization of India, as well as a steadily increasing population, there is a tremendous pressure on the Indian government to provide safe drinking water and sanitary services to more than 266 million who are living in towns and cities. The health conditions that are associated with lack of safe drinking water and sanitation are reflected in high rates of stunting, malnutrition, and death from water-borne diseases. Most of the water-borne diseases a re caused by poor sanitation practices, as nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilet at home and 44% of the mothers disposing their children’s feces in the open. According to The World Bank, 21% of the India’s communicable diseases are water-borne, and children under the age of 5 are particularly vulnerable. The WASH campaign by the UNICEF is one of the key steps through which interdependent issues of water, sanitation and hygiene were addressed. Additionally, Swacch Bharat Mission (Clean India Campaign) w