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Jairam Ramesh says toilets more important in India than temples

Toilets are more important in India than temples, Union Minister for Rural Development Jairam Ramesh said here on Friday, as he inaugurated a yatra that will travel through states raising awareness about sanitation. "Sixty-four per cent of Indians defecate in open spaces, which is a global record. It is now reckoned as the main cause of India's malnutrition problem. In the past five years, we have spent more than Rs 45,000 crore on rural sanitation and will spend Rs 1.08 lakh crore in the next five years to make India open-defecation-free country," Ramesh told a gathering of panchayat-level workers, children and officials. The Nirmal Bharat Yatra will cover 2,000 km through Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar, before culminating at Bettiah in Champaran — where Mahatma Gandhi started his freedom struggle in India. The yatra will also try to tackle taboos around menstrual hygiene management. WASH United, an international water, sanitatio

"Not A Single Public Toilet In Rural Delhi "

In this fast changing world, Investment in sanitation is given very low priority.“Instead of open defecation, Toilets are their Birth Right.” India is home to 638 million people defecating in the open. People have everything in their Home from TV set to Mobile Phones, but they don’t have Toilet Facilities! Rural belt of Delhi which stretches from Bardarpur border south east Delhi to Narela in the northern part of Delhi. There is not a single toilet on this way. That is why rural population go to field and roadside areas to answer their natures call. The worst sufferers are women for whom not a single public toilets exits, it’s not only matter of dignity but also safety. But their voices are unheard by Government authorities. Sanitation has, however been seen as a matter of individual understanding and initiative rather than a collective responsibility of the community. Safe water & sanitation facilities .There is urgent need from philanthropist and government and non-governme