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World Tourism Day

WORLD TOURISM DAY RESTART WORLD TOURISM The theme for World Tourism Day 2021 is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”, behind every number, there is a person Quote - "Tourism is the most affected sector in the world due to COVID19. It is one of the biggest sector for employment generation and Many grassroots NGOs depends upon International Tourism activities. For the survival of grassroots ngos we need to start the International Tourism And Government Must provide some grant facilities to grassroots ngos without any conditions." - Gaurav The human desire to travel and explore is universal but the Covid-19 pandemic not only crippled both developed and developing economies but also had a massive social and economic impact which hit the marginalized groups and the most vulnerable, hardest of all. This is why the lifting of travel curbs and restart of tourism is needed now to help kickstart recovery and growth. This year, World Tourism Day highlights tourism’s unique ability to ensure t