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Disease and sanitation

Action in low-income communities   by Professor John Pickford of the Water, Engineering and  Development Centre at Loughborough University of Technology. It is often said that much of the disease in low-income countries is caused by bad water. Water-related diseases, so we are told, cause the deaths of many millions of children each year and occupy most of the hospital beds in developing countries. Diarrhoea in its various forms is a killer, as well as causing pain and suffering. Water quality is unfairly blamed for all these problems. However, nearly all so-called water-carried diseases, from quick-killing cholera to uncomfortable stomach-ache, are really spread through poor hygiene and sanitation practices. Lack of sanitation may mean that water is contaminated but these diseases are also passed on in other ways. The diagram on page 2 shows some of the other ways in which diseases can be spread from the faeces of the infected person to other people. The spread of dise

Let's Celebrate World Toilet Day Together

2.6 Billion people still do not have access to a safe clean toilet that's 37 % of the total global population , let's bring toilets to the forefront for creating healthier community . As Its Our Fundamental Right To Have Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities,  Let's Celebrate World Toilet Day Together .

Sanitation illiteracy and Changing Toilet Psychology

That mobile phones outnumber toilets in the country is unlikely to change anytime soon if new phone designs continue to be greeted with typical fervor. Conversely, even if toilet designs were to outnumber the surge of new mobiles, the situation may not tilt in favour of toilets either. Simply put, there is toilet and then there is an idea of a toilet between which the Minister of Rural Development Jairam Ramesh can hardly make a distinction.  The minister may not have lost his sanity, as many believe, by prioritising toilets over temples and by provoking would-be brides to demand toilets before tying the nuptial knot. Much to the displeasure of Hindu fundamentalists on one extreme and would-be grooms on the other, the minister has raised the right kind of noise to bring toilets back on the national agenda. Will this noise translate into a signal for 638 million people without the virtues of a toilet is the question? Unhygienic Condition Of Toilets !   With a vast major