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We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support
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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

" A Big Challenge For India To Achieve MDG's Goal On Sanitation "

India will achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on Sanitation only by 2054 .
Some state such as Madhya Pradesh & Orissa will reach the target in 2105 & 2160 means Next Century ! 
"Unhygienic Condition of Toilets " 

According to JMPWSS report which track the progress on drinking water and sanitation status that 17 states had already achieved the MDG target .

In India 51% or 626 million people in the country defecate in the Open , accounting 60% of the worlds total open defecation 
we achieved some good results on safe drinking water but it is limited to some section of people .

In Rural areas ,91% had no access to sanitation in 1990as against 67% in 2010 . 
In rural areas rich had more access to sanitation as compared to economically poor & dalit section of society which had less access to safe drinking water and sanitation .

4 out of 10 people whi have gained access to improved sanitation since 1990 lives in china or India .
About 2.5 billion people without improved sanitation too live in these two countries .

A Recent world bank report indicate that economic impact of Inadequate Sanitation in India in 2006 was Rs1.7 trillion and in 2010 Rs 2.4 trillion .

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  1. we can achieve the target only by corruption free implementation of the project .