We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support

We Can't Do It Alone , We Need Your Support
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Friday, 27 September 2013

"WASH Biasness"

In Today’s world working women plays an important role in the economic growth of a country. National sample survey organization NSSO rounds confirm their increased participation in all sectors of the economy. Number of girls/ women staying out of home for extended hour and regularly travelling long distances, whether for work & education has increased.  In informal sector women workers are out for an average of 16 hours in a day. One of the biggest difficulties women encounter is that of access to a toilet. Even if there is a public toilet, women were afraid to use it because they are dirty stinking, without running water & there is no electricity. Lack of cleaning staff creates nightmarish experience for those who are forced to visit such a facilities. There is an urgent need for women’s toilets besides relieving are themselves they need to use toilet facilities for changing sanitary napkins during menstruation. Lack of toilets puts them at a risk of bladder infections, reproductive tract infection.Last census showed that there are about 26 lakh unhygienic toilets still in use.

With rapid growth of urbanization in India, economic growth of the country increased in a phased manner. Opening door of FDI in many areas raise the global trade. Women had great participation in the over all of our country growth. We are growing, our problem are also growing .one of the biggest problem in the current scenario is lack of Water, Sanitation, Menstrual hygiene and Girl Education. Lack of toilet brings numerous problems to Girl/Women. When they step out from their home, there biggest obstacle is to find Toilets. We can see the gender biasness everywhere whether in employment, wages, services or in Toilet. Preference always given to male. One can see WASH(water sanitation hygiene)Biasness everywhere, Rich people have more access to WASH facilities then poor people, Areas where rich people lives have more toilets then areas where poor lives . Why there is discrimination in providing WASH services?  There are more toilets for males than females. In school there is lack of toilets for girls. They have to share it with Boys which gives a question mark on their security. We can end this discrimination by creating awareness about their rights. When women go out to work, they hardly find any toilet. Even if they find they are dirty, unhygienic & unusable. Some of the toilet are illuminated which became the reason for sexual assault, harassment & rape. Social progress is only possible, if women get their rights.

By : Gaurav Kashyap

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